Friday, July 15, 2011

Cara-cara Nak "Pause" Kucing

Kucing korang buas tak?
Kalau buas dan tak nak ikut cakap...
Syaz ada satu cara untuk "pause" si comel tu...

(Sebelum tu,pause lagu blog ni tau! Untuk loading yg cepat...)

Bye!! Muah!! :face9: Ngee~~

Dah baca tu...Jangan lupa komen!


  1. wuu..tapi kecian la plak kat meow tu..
    kalau kat makmal.. cara cekik kat leher tu untuk tikus ngn arnab..heheh

  2. @senyumSOYA X sakit pon... Kucing kalau sakit die bunyi... "MEOWW!!!!" Baca nie...

    That part of the cat's neck has NO nerve endings. It doesn't hurt them. They just feel a slight heaviness that makes them stop moving. It's how vets get feral cats to stop being unruly and stop them from biting them. The skin at the back of the neck is the area by which a mother cat grips her kittens to carry them. As a result, adult cats tend to become quiet and passive when gripped there. This technique can be useful when attempting to treat or move an uncooperative cat.

  3. yup, mummy kucing angkat anknya kat bhgn tula.. tp klu mak pikachu angkatnkat mne ye? haha jwb2.. XD

  4. @Miss Xyz =) Ntah but,tgk nie...pikachu family...^^